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Latest Publications re.
Discovery of the Design & Origin of Human Consciousness.


Proof and Solution to the Problem of Human Consciousness

TSC 4/2016
TSC 4/2016
TSC 4/2016


The Role that the Consciousness Mechanism (CM) Plays in Human Life



Theories of Consciousness

5 Breakthroughs that Lead to the Design-Development of a Conscious Robot That ‘Sees,’ ‘Hears,’ and Speaks Like a Human

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Latest Publications re.
Artificially Intelligent 
Conscious, Robots.

ICHR 2013
ICAI 2013
IJCNN 2007

Humanoid Robots That Behave, Speak,  and Think Like Humans: A Reduction to  Practice RRC-Humanoid Robot

ENG, 2015,7,1-15
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Latest Publications re.
Patent Disclosures.

Intelligent Auditory Humanoid Robot and Computerized Verbalization System Programmed To Perform Auditory And Verbal Artificial Intelligence Processes 


An Intelligent Visual RRC-Humanoid Robot:  A RRC- Computer vision System Programmed to Reach Human-Like  Levels of Visual Artificial Intelligence 


Latest Publications re.
Proposals for Commercial Development.


MCON is seeking joint ventures with government and robotics manufacturers to design, build and sell humanoid robots for the home, workplace and military.
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